This is a refreshing, interesting, practical, plain-speaking book that I heartily commend. I can imagine a male reader who happens surreptitiously to get his hands on a copy thinking, ‘Wow, any man would be glad to have a wife like that!’ Sally Poyzer has a practical, scriptural and realistic approach to the deepest of all human relationships. She is not afraid to declare even unpopular biblical truths about the role of a wife. She lays bare her heart and freely and boldly shares many things from her own marriage that should be encouraging to a host of other women. Credit must also be given to her husband Josh whose loving trust in his wife comes strongly through these pages.

Dr Barry Chant

Author, teacher, pastor and founder of Tabor College Australia

Sally has written a book covering all the important principles to maintaining a happy marriage into one concise handbook for wives. A must read for those who are married and are willing to take on the challenge of having a great fulfilling marriage that lasts. She brings understanding and clarity around some of the complex differences we face as married couples. Sally shares from her heart the good, the bad and the ugly with honesty and faith in a God she trusts who is the very essence of her life and gives her the power to change. Thank you Sally for your courage in sharing some difficult and challenging truths. You have provided a great resource for women in an easy to read book.

Pastor Robyn Bettcher

Pastoral Care Pastor and Marriage Counsellor

That Book for Wives will upset you more than once, because it’s counter cultural - four big ideas about your marriage built on God’s thoughts as expressed in the Bible. That’s why it just might change your life and give you a different future. You’ll never have the marriage you long for by doing unhelpful things based on a modern idea of “what’s fair”. The future you long for is in discovering how to love your man, and Sally has articulated some insights that could get you where you’ve always longed to go. 

Dr Allan Meyer

Co-founder of Careforce Lifekeys and author of From Good Man to Valiant Man

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